Why Us?


Great question. We're glad you asked.

  • Our pricing

    • First and foremost, our pricing is super transparent. No hidden fees. No sneaky contracts. Best of all, we don’t make you contact us to get the details. We’ve got nothing to hide.

    • Second, our pricing is low. The industry standard for short term rental management companies is 28%. We only charge 20%. We feel comfortable offering this lower rate because we prioritize working hard and generating more revenue (for both of us) over simply taking a bigger cut of your property’s earnings. Heck, if you find a company in Canmore with lower rates, let us know and we’ll probably match them.

  • No contracts

    • Nobody reads those things and they always backfire. We are not interested in forcing you to use our services for a second longer than you want or need them. If you want out for any reason, say the word and no questions will be asked. (That being said, if you would feel more comfortable with a contract, we are happy to oblige.)

  • No need to give us a 6 month heads up for when you want to use your property

    • If you let the resort manage your property, you will likely have to give them 6 months notice for when you want to use your property.  Additionally, they often have black-out dates that prevent you from using your property during peak times. We think that’s ridiculous. It is your property and you should be able to use it whenever you want. 

  • We love Canmore and want your guests to love Canmore, too

    • Listen, we love Banff. Who doesn’t? But Canmore is incredible and we are chock-full of local tips to help guests feel at home in your home. Plus! When they inevitably fall in love with Canmore, your home will be part of that memory, which means they are likely to return. 

  • We only make money if you make money...and we want to make money

    • Yes, we love Canmore. Yes, we love the guests. BUT, above all else, we love making money. Better yet, we are good at making money. Best yet, we know how to make you good money.

Fun Brags

  1. We have never not received 5 stars for communication.

  2. We rented out a broken down minivan (just for sleeping) during the summer months in Texas (with only a battery powered fan) and maintained a 5 star rating.

  3. We kept properties profitable throughout the pandemic (without compromising safety).

  4. Our cleaner (who is responsible for loads of properties in Canmore) told us we had one of the most booked properties that she cleans (by a long shot) in Canmore during the first six months of 2021. 

  5. We have maintained Superhost status every single quarter for every single property we manage since we started in January 2019.

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